Indian Constitution Short Questions

Does a statute become invalid if it applies to a class which consists of one person?

A statute based on a reasonable classification does not become invalid merely because the class to which it applies consists of only one person. A single body or institution may form a class. Legislation specifically directed to a named person or body would be valid if, on account of some special circumstances, or reasons applicable ..


What sort of interpretation should be given to the Fundamental Rights?

In Maneka Gandhi v. Union of India the Supreme Court has held that Fundamental Rights should be given widest possible interpretation. In the present case, Justice Bhagwati observed that the court should expand the reach and ambit of the fundamental rights rather than attenuate their meaning and content by a process of judicial construction. In ..

What do you mean by unconstitutionality of a statute?

Unconstitutionality of a statute means that a law is void if it is inconsistent with the Fundamental Rights. A void statute is unenforceable, non est, and devoid of any legal force: courts take no notice of such a statute, and it is taken to be notionally obliterated for all purposes.

What is the importance of Fundamental Rights?

The Indian Constitution guarantees essential human rights in the form of Fundamental Rights under Part III. These Fundamental Rights, apart from guaranteeing basic civil Rights and freedom to all, also fulfill the important function of giving a few safeguards to minorities, outlawing discrimination and protecting religious freedom and cultural rights. The Fundamental Rights can be ..

What was the need to have Fundamental Rights enshrined in the Indian Constitution?

The underlying idea in entrenching certain basic and Fundamental Rights is to take them out of the reach of transient political majorities. It has therefore, come to be regarded as essential that these rights be entrenched in such a way that they may not be violated, tampered or interfered by an oppressive government. They confer ..