Indian Ocean

Net Security Provider: Concept, India’s Potential in Indian Ocean Region

The phrase Net security provider was first used by US Defence Secretary Robert Gates in the Indian context at the 2009 Shangri-la Dialogue. The US considered India as the pivot in the Indian Ocean and using such phrase for India could explain the US zeal to sell its military components and seek joint patrols with […]


India and Blue Economy

For Indian Ocean region, Blue Economy has importance in food security, sea borne trade, coastal tourism, alternative source of energy, coastal urbanization and so on. Firstly, Blue economy aims at ensuring higher productivity of fishes with lesser environmental damage by adopting sophisticated technologies for conservation and processing of fishes. Secondly, already 90% of trade is […]

India-Seychelles Relations

Republic of Seychelles, 115-island nation is an archipelago in Indian Ocean. Its proximity to mainland Africa is 1500 kms towards the South-east direction. It has a population of less than 1 lakh, the smallest for any African country. It is a part of the African Union. It gained its independence as a republic within the […]