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India’s latest communication satellite GSAT-31 successfully launched by European launch services provider- Arianespace’s rocket

India’s latest communication satellite GSAT-31 was successfully launched by European launch services provider- Arianespace’s rocket from Kourou Launch Base in French Guiana on February 6, 2019. The Ariane-5 vehicle (Flight VA247) also carried Saudi Geostationary Satellite 1/Hellas Sat 4 along with GSAT-31. After a 42-min flight, GSAT-31 separated from the Ariane-5 in an elliptical Geosynchronous ..


India’s decision to join Europe’s satellite data sharing pool

India has joined Europe’s mega global arrangement of sharing data from Earth observation satellites, called Copernicus. Data from a band of Indian remote sensing satellites will be available to the European Copernicus programme while designated Indian institutional users will in return get to access free data from Europe’s six Sentinel satellites and those of other ..


India’s GSAT-10 launched from Kourou

India’s heaviest satellite GSAT-10 was launched from the Kourou launch pad in French Guiana in South America. The satellite will boost telecommunications and DTH broadcasting. GSAT-10 · Communication satellite of India, built by ISRO · It carries 30 communication transponders — 12 in Ku-band, 12 in C-band and 6 in extended C-band. · It has ..


GSAT-10 to be launched in 2 months: ISRO

Indian Space Research Organisation Chairman (ISRO) is ready to launch GSAT-10 in 2 months. It will be shipped to the spaceport at Kourou in French Guiana for launch by European space consortium Arianespace. What is GSAT-10? It is a communication satellite which is proposed to be launched by Ariane-5ECA carrier rocket. How will it help? ..