Indian Literature

Jatakas as Valuable Source Of Information On Ancient India

The Jataka Tales form part of the immense literature that ancient India had gifted to us. In the words of Dr. Winternitz, “The Jatakas were of inestimable value, not only as regards literature and art, but also from the point of view of history of civilization for the period of the 3rd century BC.” This ..


Gujarati Literature

The important figures and facts in Gujarat Literature for General Knowledge are as follows: Acharya Hemachandra Though the history of Gujarati Literature can be traced to as back as 1000AD; the discussion starts with Acharya Hemachandra (1089–1172), the great Jain scholar, poet, and polymath. He was trained in religious discourse, philosophy, logic and grammar and ..

Various Yugas (Kals) of Hindi Literature

The history of Hindi poetry, extends over a period of almost one thousand years. Hindi verse literature as a whole can be divided into four yugas (kal) or stages: Adikal (the Early Period) Bhaktikal (the Devotional Period) Ritikal (the Scholastic Period) Adhunikkal (the Modern Period) Adikal Adikal Literature of Hindi belong to the period between ..