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C. Rajagopalachari Formula of 1944

Objective of the C R Formula was to solve the political deadlock between the All India Muslim League and Indian National Congress. League’s position was that the Muslims and Hindus of British India were of two separate nations and hence the Muslims had the right to their own nation. The Congress was opposed to the ..

Surat session and Split in Congress 1907

The Congress was on the brink of split. The 1907 session was to be held at Nagpur. But Nagpur was the stronghold of Bal Gangadhar Tilak. The moderates were aware that the local delegates would raise the issues in favor of the extremists. So, Gopal Krishna Gokhle got the venue changed and the new venue ..

British Indian Association 1851

British Indian Association was created after amalgamating the “Landholders Society” and “British India Society” on 31 October 1851. This was the first political organization that brought the Indians together. The President of the first committee of this organization was Raja Radhakanta Deb, while Debendranath Tagore was its secretary. The newspaper of this society was “Hindu ..

Archive News Today News Today: March 2010

March 31, 201026th chief of the Indian Army: General V K SinghNew Coach Mohun Bagan: Biswajit BhattacharjeeIndia to host International Congress of MathematiciansStimulous Package for Exports:On 3G Spectrum:On Telcon:Read The Above Updates Here March 30, 2010Rajasthan DiwasCGIAR Award: ICRISAT, AVRDCRoyal Bank of Scotland Group Market Head Western Region: Leena GidwaniAndhra Pradesh: Jute ParkHaryana: Cow Commission ..

News Today News Today: January 23, 2010

Abbreviations:GAPS: General Agreement of Preference SystemGATS: General Agreement on Trade & PracticesMODVAT: Modified Value Added TaxIFFCO : Indian Farmers Fertilizers Cooperative LtdTADP : Tribal Area Development Programme Awards56th National Film Awards 2008The National Film Awards were established in 1954. It is the most prominent film award ceremony in India. These awards are administrated by the ..