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CCEA approves increase in FRP of Sugarcane by Rs 10 for 2020-21

The Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs (CCEA) has approved the proposal made by the food ministry to increase the Fair and Remunerative Price (FRP) by Rs 10 for the next marketing year, starting in October 2020. The FRP of Sugarcane will increase from 275 to 285 per quintal. The initiative has been taken after the ..




Fertigation in Agriculture

Fertigation combines both fertilization and irrigation. Many plants need supplemental nutrients that are not found in the soil. So, fertilizers are added into an irrigation system. These fertilizers are dissolved completely in irrigation water in advance, kept in stock tanks, and then delivered to soil. Fertigation is a combination of any of the following: ammonium ..


Elemental Proportion in NPK Fertilizers

Any natural or synthetic material added to soil to provide plant nutrients is called Fertilizer. Fertilizers are available in the market in liquid, solid as well as gaseous form (e.g. anhydrous ammonia). All chemical fertilizers available in the market are labelled with three numbers, which represent the weight of total nitrogen (N), citrate-soluble phosphorus (expressed ..