Prep Quiz 17: GK For New Learners

Q 1.In context with history of Marathas, what were Chauth & Sardeshmukhi?Chauth & sardeshmukhi were two types of taxes collected by the Marathas. While Chauth was 25% of the land revenue, Sardeshmukhi was 10% of the standard Land revenue. Q 2.What is the Anti-Defection Law?The Tenth Schedule popularly known as the Anti-Defection Act was included […]

Prep Quiz 14: Basic General Knowledge For All Examinations

1.Since the last few decades, as our economy developed, the share of the tertiary sector of economy in the GDP has _________?(A)Increased(B)Decreased(C)Decreased then increased(D)Increased then decreased(E)remained unaltered 2.What is the duration of Current Foreign Trade Policy of India ?(A)2009-14(B)2010-15(C)2008-11(D)2009-12(E)2008-13 3.Which of the following has highest share in India’s power generation?(A)Atomic Power(B)Hydro Power(C)Thermal Power(D)Nuclear Power(E)None of […]

Prep Quiz 12: For New Learners

1.Which is the Afghan leader who has been sworn in for second term afghan president ?(A)Abdul Haq (B)Hamid Karzai(C)Abdul Qadir (D)Ziauddin(E)Birbal Dhar 2.Under which President China celeberated its 60th anniversary?(A) Hu Jintao (B)Sun Yat-sen(C)Yuan Shikai(D)Xu Shichang (E)Gao Lingwei 3.A German Formula One driver and seven-time Formula One world drivers’ champion.(A)Michael Schumacher (B)Jenson Button(C)Sebastian Vettel(D)Heikki Kovalainen(E)None […]

Prep Quiz 11 : Basic General Knowledge for New Learners

1.____________ is also knows as “Berlin wall of Asia”?(A)Amritsar(B)Patiyala(C)Wagah border(D)POK(E)None of the above 2.Who is the deputy chairman of Planning commission?(A)Manmohan Singh (B)Montek Singh Ahluwalia(C)Pranab Mukherjee(D)P Chidambaram(E)None of the Above 3.Who is the current chairman of the board and chief executive officer of GE?(A)Jeffrey Immelt (B)Thomas Edison(C)Elihu Thomson(D)Edwin J. Houston(E)None of the above 4.Who is […]

Prep Quiz 10 : Basic General Knowledge

1. Why 11th July was chosen as World Population Day? In 1987 world’s population touched the 5 billion height. The last child in this crowd of 5 billion was born in Yugoslavia on 11th July 1987. That is the reason that this date was chosen as World Population Day. 2. Under which ministry the National […]

Quiz 214 : Basic General Knowledge

1.During whose reign, the Maurya Empire stretched from Bengal and Assam in the East, to Afghanistan and Balochistan in the West, to Kashmir and Nepal in the North and to the Deccan Plateau in the South?(A)Chandragupta Maurya(B)Bindusara(C)Asoka The Great(D)Dasaratha(E)Samprati 2.Bihu is a popular folk dance of?(A)Kerala(B)Assam(C)Bihar(D)Orissa(E)Nepal 3.Pyramid shaped temples which are dependent on intricate carved […]

Prep Quiz 5

What is Guzerat ? What is the concept of Carbon Trading? What is Climate Change Finance? When was started the Command Area Development & Water Management Programme? In which country is located Uranium City ? What is Consumer Purchasing Dynamics? What is TIFAC? What is ANTU in context with pest control? What is Oxygen debt? […]

Prep Quiz 4

1. Who has written Saket? saket is a work of Rastriya Kavi Maithilisharan Gupta. Literally saket means ayodhya and the story of saket is centered around Urmila the wife of Laxaman. Other works of Maithilisharan Gupta are Saraswati, Rang Mein Bhang, Bharat Bharti. The poems of this poet were full of nationalism and became a […]

Prep Quiz 3

1. What is Satyam Case? On December 16 last year, Satyam Computers, which has been re branded Mahindra Satyam, held a board meeting at which it proposed to pump just under Rs 8,000 crore (Rs 80 billion) properties and Maytas Infra, controlled by the same promoter group as Satyam, in exchange for controlling equity. The […]

Sunday Quiz : Current Affairs March 2009

1 . The Bangladesh Rifles (BDR) started way back in 1795 under British. What was the original name? 2 . Profiles in courage” who has written this book? 3 . The UN sponsored theme for this year’s International Women’s day was—–? 4 . Colony Collapse Disorder was recently in news. What is it related to? […]