GK India Quiz 501-600

Solution SSC CGLE Held on 26-6-2011 GK Section

1. Judicial review in the Indian constitution is based on ? Rule of law. Due process of law. Procedure established by law. Precedents and conventions. Explanation 2. The drafting of the constitution was completed on ? (A)26th January 1950. (B)26th December 1949. (C)26th November 1949. (D)30th November 1949. Explanation 3. Who was the President of […]


Solution: SSC CGL 2011 (Evening Shift) GK Section

1. The common tree species in Nilgiri Hills is: (A)Sal (B)Pine (C)Eucalyptus (D)Teak Answer: The correct answer would be Eucalyptus. However, the Nilgiri Hills are famous for tea gardens, eucalyptus trees as well as Pine and Cyprus trees too. 2. Which of the following statements on Railway Budget 2011-12 is correct? (A)There would be a […]

Solution : SSC CGL 2011 General Awareness Test

Q) Who had proposed partyless democracy in India ? (A) Jaya Prakash Narayan (B) Mahatma Gandhi (C) Vinoba Bhave (D) S.A. Dange Ans: (A) Jaya Prakash Narayan ————————————————————— Q) In the budget for 2011 – 12, the fiscal deficit (% of GDP) for 2011 – 12 has been projected at (A) 5.1 (B) 5.0 (c) […]