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NITI Aayog submits names of PSU banks to be privatised

NITI Aayog has submitted names of Public Sector Undertaking (PSU) that will be privatised to Core Group of Secretaries on Disinvestment. Highlights All these PSBs will be privatised by Financial Year 2022. Privatisation is being done as part of government’s disinvestment process to raising funds. Background Centre’s aim of privatising two public sector banks and ..




History of Banking in India

What are the ancient proofs of presence of banking system? Traces of information regarding existing of banking and financial system are found in India right from Vedic era to Buddhist, Mauryan, Satavahana, Sangam, Rajpoot, Sultanate as well as Mughal periods. The most ancient are the loan deeds of Vedic era called rnapatra or rnalekhya. Which financial activity finds ..


Brief History of Banking in India

The History of Banking in India is as old as Vedic Civilization. For example, in Vedic age the loan deeds called rnapatra or rnalekhya were prevalent. Interest rates as well as usury (सूदखोरी ) was prevalent in Vedic India. The Vedic word Kusidin refers to an usurer. Manusmriti condemns usury  and calls it an acceptable means of acquiring wealth. Existence of ..