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Iltutmish (reign: 1211-1236) was one of the slaves of Qutb-ud-din Aibak who later became his Son-in-Law. He was from the Ilabari tribe of the Turks and that is why some scholars call the slave dynasty has Ilabari dynasty. Chihalagani/ Chalisa/ Corp of Forty The Ilabari tribe used to have administrative & military elite called “Chihalgani” or the “Corp ..

Iqta System

The conquest of Mohammad Ghori and establishment of the Sultanate brought major changes in the land revenue system in India. The Governments in those times made all attempts to increase the revenue by collecting taxes as per those in Islamic nations. The new taxes were imposed upon people and government’s share in produce increased. However, ..


History : Compendium 1

1. What was ” Bhottavisti” in Ancient Times?Ans. Bhottavisiti was a special kind of forced labor imposed on peasants from the laborers of Tibet. 2. Who was jall-ud-din Firoz?Ans. He was uncle of Alaud-din-khilji whom he murdered treacherously in 1296 and became Sultan of Delhi. 3. What is most appreciated thing about Indians (Hindus particularly ..