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Lori Lightfoot becomes first African-American female mayor in history of Chicago

Chicago has created history by electing an African-American woman as its mayor for the first time. Lori Lightfoot is a former federal prosecutor and practicing lawyer who has never before held elected office. She won the city’s mayoral race by a huge margin. She will also be Chicago’s first openly gay mayor. Lightfoot’s primary proposals ..


Narendra Modi recipient of first-ever Philip Kotler Presidential award

The Prime Minister Narendra Modi received the first-ever Philip Kotler Presidential award in New Delhi for his outstanding leadership for the nation. According to the award citation , under his leadership, India is now identified as the centre for innovation and value added manufacturing (Make in India), as well as a global hub for professional ..


Native Americans from Cahokia brewed and consumed first type of Tea 1000 Years Ago

As per scientists, Native Americans were first to prepare the first type of primitive form of tea some 1000 years back. It has been discovered that inhabitants of Cahokia, a massive pre-Columbus settlement near the meeting point of Missouri and Mississippi rivers in Illinois, consumed a ‘Black Drink’. Cahokia was a city with as many ..