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President Trump threats to close Mexico border next week

The President of United States of America, Donald Trump has reiterated his threat that he will shut down the southern border of US with Mexico or huge sections of it if the latter does not put an end to passage of undocumented immigrants across the border with immediate effect. The President clearly stated that the ..



Border Patrol orders quick release of families

There are number of families and children entering Us from Mexico. The numbers are so high that the Border Patrol is immediately releasing them rather than handing them over to the responsible agency. The screening process needs to check on criminal records,medical screening. It is done by the US customs and Immigration Enforcement which mangages ..


9 year old citizen detained at the border

A 9 year old US citizen was detained at the border for more than 30 hours. She was trying to cross the US – MExico border while walking to her school. The Customs and Border patrols later identified her as a local resident and it is her usual to commute with her 14 year old ..