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Ice Age Woolly Rhino

A perfectly preserved woolly Rhinoceros was found by scientists in Yakutia in Russia. Where was the Ice Age Rhino found? The Ice Age Rhino was discovered on the bank of Tirekhtyakh river. What are findings about the Ice Age Rhinos? Most of the intestine of the Rhino was intact. Also, the Rhino had perfectly preserved ..




Puff Adder Snakebite in Ireland

A man in Dublin was hospitalised for a snakebite from a venomous Puff Adder Snake recently. This is the first case of snakebite in Ireland’s history. Ireland’s lack of Snakes Ireland is famous for having no native snake species. Local people attribute the lack of snakes to a Catholic Irish legend, St Patrick. He is ..


Lucky Latitudes

Lucky Latitudes refers to the land that lies between the latitudes of 20 and 35 degrees north in the Old World, and 15 degrees south and 20 degrees north in the Americas. This refers to the geographical regions where the practice of domestication of wild plants and animals began to happen for the first time ..