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Starch-Based “Hemostat” developed at Institute of Nano Science to stop blood loss

Scientists at the INST (Institute of Nano Science and Technology), that operates under the Department of Science & Technology, have developed starch based ‘Hemostat’. Starch Based Hemostat The starch-based ‘hemostat’ are developed to stop rapid blood loss during accidents, as it physically absorbs excess fluid and concentrates the natural clotting factors in blood. The product possesses increased ..




Ravinder Kumar Malik clinchs 2019 Mr. South Asia title

Indian bodybuilder Ravinder Kumar Malik has clinched Mr. South Asia title. He has crowned the overall champion at 12th South Asian Bodybuilding and Physique Sports Championship in Kathmandu on July 20, 2019. Malik, the winner of 80 kg category, was adjudged best bodybuilder among the winners of nine senior men’s weight categories. Afghanistan won team ..


Term in Focus : Human Atlas

What is the Human Atlas? The human atlas is an initiative to enhance the holistic(complete) understanding of human biology. The human atlas is a project that will collect, collate and integrate the molecular information on human tissues and organs. This data will be collected by going through research articles/ works published by researchers all across ..


The scientists at Stanford University develops a new prosthetic foot to help tackle tough terrain

The scientists at the Stanford University in the US have developed a more stable prosthetic foot which they say could make challenging terrain more manageable for people who have lost a lower leg. The new design has a kind of tripod foot that responds to rough terrain by actively shifting pressure between three different contact ..


Doctors discover 4 live bees inside woman’s eye

Doctors in Taiwan have discovered four bees living under her eyelids, feasting on tears of a young 29 year old Taiwanese woman named He, who complained of a swollen eye. She expected to be treated for a simple infection. The incident in Taiwan came out to be a ‘world first’, having successfully managed to extract ..