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Trump cuts assistance to Honduras, El Salvador and Gautemala

The so called northern triangle countries Honduras, El Salvador and Gautemala will no more receieve assistance from the United States. The President said as the countries have done nothing to the US, their funds are being cut. These countries also provide many number of migrants to the US which also a reason for the cuts. ..


Central America-US Security Cooperation Deal questioned by Activists

Many activists from Central America and Mexico have questioned the focus of their governments on security for addressing the issue of migration after meetings they held with Kirstjen Nielsen, the US Secretary of Homeland Security. It was on Tuesday, that Nielsen had met the Mexican officials and also took part in a Summit held at ..



Canada cancels homeopathic aid

The Canadian Government will no longer provide homeopathic aid to the Honduras republic.  Honduras is a republic located in the Central America. The decision was finalised after a major cry about the public funds going to unproven medical therapies. The citizens of honduras were provided homeopathic treatment for the Chagas disease. It is a tropical ..


Juan Orlando Hernandez sworn-in as new President of Republic of Honduras

Honduran President Juan Orlando Hernández has been sworn-in for a second term in capital Tegucigalpa with high security after a disputed presidential election 2017. President Hernández, has been in power since 2013, and is the first president in Honduran running for a second term after the country’s Supreme Court lifted a ban on re-election. It ..