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Peoples Biodiversity Registers

India has recorded a marginal increase in forest cover, according to the India State of Forest Report 2017. Draft National Forest Policy, 2018 calls for increasing forest cover, involving communities in forest management, and creating plantations for industrial use. People’s biodiversity registers Forest cover had increased in India by 0.21% in 2017 from 2015, and that ..


Indian Long Term Ecological Observatories (I-LTEO) programme

To study the effects of climate change, India has launched long term ecological observatories (LTEO) programme. Under the programme, eight long-term ecological observatories are opened to study the health of eight different biomes. They will cover the Western Himalayas to Western Ghats, Eastern Himalayas to Andaman & Nicobar Islands, central India to the Sunderbans, and ..


Madhya Pradesh, the state with maximum forest cover area

As per latest India State of Forest Report 2011, amongst all the Indian states, MP has the maximum Forest Cover area in country. As per latest India State of Forest Report 2011: Geographical area of the country is under Forest and Tree cover: 23.81% i.e. 78.29 million hectare Madhya Pradesh has 11.24% of the total ..