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First Indian-origin Finance Minister of UK unveiled 330-Billion Pound Rescue Package

The first Indian-origin Finance Minister of the United Kingdom Rishi Sunak unveiled a 330-Billion Pound Rescue Package, which aims to help the businesses of the country to survive the impact of the coronavirus pandemic. The £330 billion of loan guarantees will help them meet their day to day needs during the lock-down. He also extended a ..

UK launches its new Points-based visa system

The United Kingdom’s Home Secretary Priti Patel recently announced the launch of the country’s new Points-based visa system. The system provides visas to only those persons who gain required points. It aims at attracting the high-skilled employees from around the world and cutting down incoming low-skilled labourers. The new system is expected to come into ..

Rishi Sunak becomes first Indian-origin Finance Minister of UK

Rishi Sunak, the 39-year-old MP from Richmond in Yorkshire has been recently appointed as the Finance Minister of the United Kingdom. It is the second most important position after the Prime Minister. He replaces the former finance minister of Britain Sajid Javid, who resigned from his role recently. Before joining politics, Rishi Sunak was working ..

Priti Patel appointed as Britain’s first Indian-origin home secretary

Priti Patel, a prominent member of the Back Boris campaign for the Conservative Party leadership, has become the Britain’s first Indian-origin home secretary as part of new Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s top team. She succeeded Pakistani-origin Sajid Javid, who moves to the Treasury department as the first ethnic minority Chancellor of the Exchequer. Mr Javid, ..

Boris Johnson takes over charge as new British Prime Minister

Boris Johnson, the former foreign secretary and London Mayor, has officially took over the charge as new British Prime Minister after Theresa May handed in her resignation to the Queen at Buckingham Palace. He promised to leave the European Union (EU) on 31st October 2019 under a “new deal, a better deal” with the 28-member ..

PM to meet Corbyn: Brexiters disappointed at the move

Theresa May is expected to meet Jeremy Corbyn, the Labour Leader. She said she wanted to break the deadlock in passing the Brexit Referendum. Mr Corbyn wanted the customs union and workers rights to be the priority of the Brexit Referendum. With this move the Brexiters are disappointed as they claim that the PM is ..

Theresa May loses critical Brexit vote

Britain’s MPs have once again rejected the Brexit deal, presented by the Prime Minister Theresa May, thereby handing her a fresh defeat and thwarting her efforts to walk UK out of the European Union. In a fresh vote on Friday, the MPs voted 344 to 286 against the withdrawal agreement which was basically as stripped-down ..

Millions participate at the anti Brexit march in London

Hundreds of thousands of people marched through the central London on Saturday demanding a new referendum. They opposed to Britain’s withdrawl from the Europian Union. The Prime Minister Theresa May hinted that she wouldnt bring the Brexit issue to parliament next week. The EU and the British Government agreed to postpone the Brexit referendum to ..