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What is Jordan Crisis?

Jordan is a unitary state that is ruled under a Constitutional Monarchy. Unitary state is a state that is governed as a single entity where the central government is ultimately supreme. In a Constitutional monarchy, a monarch (ruler or king) exercises authority in accordance to a written or unwritten constitution. What is Jordan Crisis? The ..




Omar al-Razzaz sworn-in as new Prime Minister of Jordan

Omar al-Razzaz, the former World Bank Economist, has been sworn-in as the new Prime Minister of Jordan after King Abdullah issued a decree approving the new government. He succeeded Hani al-Mulki, who resigned following mass protests over price hikes and other government economic policies. Omar, who studied at Harvard University, was tasked with reviewing the ..


Omar Razzaz appointed as new Prime Minister of Jordan

Omar Razzaz, a Harvard-educated former senior World Bank official, has been appointed as the new Prime Minister of Jordan by King Abdullah II. He succeeded Hani Mulki, who recently resigned as a result of widespread protests against his government’s austerity program. Prior to this post, Razzaz served as education minister in the outgoing Mulki government.