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What is Guzerat ?

Guzerat is actually Kankrej cow of Rann of Kachh of Gujarat. It is widely exported from India to South America and there in Brazil it is called Guzerat.

In which country is located Uranium City ?

In Canada. It is an area of Saskatchewan province of Canada and currently has population of 89 people. Up to 1982 this town flourished and after that closure of mines in 1983 led to economic ..

What are Chegu and Chengthangi?

Chegu and Chengthangi are the two breeds of Goats in India which render Pashmina. In India the annual production of Pashmina is too less (approx. 40,000 kgs. ). Jammu & Kashmir is the producer state ..

Where is Dandakaranya?

Dandakaranya region is the 92 thousand square kilometers area from Abujhmar Hills in the west and the Eastern Ghats in the east, spread in Chhatisgarh, Orissa, and Andhra Pradesh states. It is an undulating plateau ..

Does Mahanadi makes an estuary?

Mahanadi does not make an estuary. The most important estuary in India is made by Hughli river. Apart from that Ulhas River in Maharastra makes an estuary called Thane Creek. There is another Vasai Creek, ..