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Eoscansor cobrensis: Oldest Known Tree-Climbing Reptile

Recently, a team of researchers published paper on fossil discovery of Eoscansor cobrensis from New Mexico. Paper was published “Annals of the Carnegie Museum” journal. About Eoscansor cobrensis Eoscansor cobrensis is a reptile, belonging to Pennsylvanian subperiod of Carboniferous period, around 305 million years ago. It used to live in area around present-day New Mexico. ..




Trump threatens to close the Mexican border

There are already many more waiting at the Mexican border to enter USA. Many more are joining to enter. The Border officials ordered to allow the immigrants who were crossing the border to meet their relatives in the US skipping the verification process last week as it faced difficulties to control the crowd. Meanwhile President ..


Mexicans are stealing border wall materials

The fencing was installed in November 2018 in the US – Mexican border. The fencing is made of concertina wire. Recently the mexican officials reported to the San Diego’s KUSI – TV that people are stealing the border materials and selling it to the Mexicans for their home security. The fencing extends to about 700 ..