Difference between El Nino and La Nina

Click Here to Read about El Niño and La Nina and their impact on Indian Weather. Feature El-Nino La-Nina Meaning El Nino is a Spanish term which represents “little boy” La Nina is a Spanish term which represents ‘little girl’. Temperature at Sea Surface Temperature at sea surface is warmer than normal sea-surface temperatures. El Nino


The Maharashtra Government had constituted Dharmadhikari committee in 2010 under Justice Chandrashekar  Dharmadhikari to suggest measures to curb atrocities against women has recently submitted its one more interim report to the Bombay High Court.  The government / court have received several “interim reports” most of which are gathering dust and the full and final report

Big Data

Big Data is the new reality of everyday living and stands for an immensely huge pool of data which cannot be de-jargoned with ordinary and archaic methods of data interpretation. Such huge data-sets form the basis of all reasonable aspects of society. Data-driven decision-making is gaining leverage and has lent more authenticity to modern ways