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Fossil links human hands to fins for the first time in Human Evolution

The Paleontologists of Canada have linked human hands to the fins of fish. The researchers examined a fossil of “Elpistostege”. About the findings The Elpistostege represents the pivotal stage of transition of fish into land vertebrates. The transition was supported ..


Study on Rudist Clams

Scientists recently studied an ancient molluscan (Torreites sanchezi) fossil to estimate the length of day, 70 million years ago. Torreites sanchezi The Torreites sanchezi is a species of molluscan (shelled animal) that belongs to an extinct group of clams called ..

Fossils of oldest mammal ancestor discovered in UK

Palaeontologists from University of Portsmouth, UK have discovered remains of humankind’s oldest mammal ancestor — a tiny rat-like creature that lived 145 million years ago. The fossils of nocturnal mammal were discovered on Jurassic Coast of Dorset. The mammal is ..