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Which is the only team that won multiple super bowls without having lost any?

Baltimore Ravens which is based on Baltimore, Maryland is the only team that won multiple super bowls without having lost any. The Ravens have been one of the more successful franchises since their inception, having qualified for the NFL playoffs ten times since 2000, with two Super Bowl victories, two AFC Championship titles, 15 playoff victories, four AFC Championship ..


What is Lambeau Leap in football?

Lambeau Leap is the name used by fans to call the Green Bay Packers famous touch down celebration. Many Packer players will jump into the end zone stands after scoring a touchdown, in a celebration affectionately known as the “Lambeau Leap”. After a Big play in 1933 Green bay safety LeRoy Butler did first Lambeau ..

Who holds the NFL record for the most consecutive games started?

Former American Football player Brett Favre has the record of most consecutive games started in National Foot Ball League. He started a total of 297 straight games. His streak started in 1992 with Packers and lasted until 2010 when he was with Minnesota. .

Which Quarter back has thrown for the most touchdowns in National Football League?

Quarter back in football means, a player stationed behind the centre who directs a team’s offensive play. Peyton Manning has thrown most touchdowns in National Football League. He recorded record 530 touchdown passes on October 19, 2014. Brett Favre previously held the record with 508. Peyton Manning also became the first starting quarterback to win ..

What is the name of the team that won most super bowl?

Super Bowl is started in 1967 as the annual football championship of National Football League (NFL). The game was created as part of a merger agreement between the NFL and its then-rival league, the American Football League (AFL). Till now The Pittsburgh Steelers have won the most Super Bowls with six championships. They won their first super bowl after 1974 ..