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Param Siddhi: India’s AI supercomputer among world top 500 most power non-distributed computers

Published: November 18, 2020

Param Siddhi is a high-performance computing-artificial intelligence (HPC-AI) supercomputer that was established at C-DAC under the National Supercomputing Mission. It has secured rank 63 in TOP 500 most powerful non-distributed computer system list in the world. What are the features of Param Siddhi? Param Siddhi was jointly developed by Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology ..




India to Build 60 Supercomputers

Published: September 14, 2019

The Department of Science and Technology has announced the plans to build 60 supercomputers over the next three years. The Centre for Development of Advanced Computing (C-DAC) will be responsible for the implementation of the project and six machines are expected to be installed by the end of the year. Supercomputers A supercomputer is one that ..


Pratyush- India’s Fastest Supercomputer

Published: April 7, 2018

India’s fastest and first multi-petaflops (PF) supercomputer named Pratyush was unveiled at Pune-based Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology (IITM). The supercomputer has been named as ‘Pratyush’ meaning Sun. It is the fourth fastest supercomputer in the world  dedicated for weather and climate research.


IBM Sequoia: Fastest Computer in the World

Published: June 23, 2012

The US super computer Sequoia has been crowned as the fastest computer in the world. Placed at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in California Can make 16.32 quadrillion calculations/second (16.32 petaflops/s) A petascale Blue Gene/Q supercomputer Sequoia helps the US keep its nuclear stockpile safe, secure and effective without the need for underground testing. Constructed by ..