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Agriculture Growth target 4% in 12th Five Year Plan

Planning Commission Member and Steering Committee Chairman Abhijit Sen has recently said that farm sector target growth rate shall be 4% in the 12th Five Year Plan. The same target was set for 11th plan and Sen has blamed poor monsoon for missing the farm sector targets in the 11th Plan. Its worth note that ..



Third Five Year Plan (1961-1966)

The first two plans developed a institutional structure to take the country on path of developed economy. Third plan for the first time rode on the wave of high expectation following overall growth of the economy of India. In this plan, India made efforts to achieve self reliance in food production and industry. However, the ..


Second Five Year Plan (1956-1961)

The success of the First Five year plan boosted the confidence of the leaders. The agriculture growth target in the first plan was achieved, so government quickly started looking beyond agriculture. The second five-year plan focused on industry, especially heavy industry. The target of 25% Increase in the national income was set through rapid industrialization. ..