financial system in India


Anything that can be generally acceptable as payment for goods and services or settlement of debts is Money. It is the element of confidence that others will accept it as a payment is what gives the purchasing power to money. The major functions of money are: It a medium of exchange Its a unit of […]


Money Market Reforms in India

Reserve Bank of India is the biggest regulator of the Indian markets. It controls the monetary policy of India. Its control is however limited to the organised part of economy and the unorganised sector which has a significant presence is largely unregulated. RBI frequently introduces many reforms to bolster the Indian economy which is in […]

Problems of Indian Money Markets

Indian money market is relatively underdeveloped when compared with advanced markets like New York and London Money Markets. Critically analyse various problems of the Indian Money Markets.

Structure & Functions of Money Market in India

What do you mean by Money Markets? How they are different from Capital Markets. Discuss the structure and functions of organized money markets in India.

First Narasimham Committee

The Narasimham Committee  was established under former RBI Governor M. Narasimham in August 1991 to look into all aspects of the financial system in India. The report of this committee had comprehensive recommendations for financial sector reforms including the banking sector and capital markets. In broad acceptance to this committee, the government announced slew of […]