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General Compendium-3

Plantation CropsCentral Plantation Crops Research InstituteFirst National Forest Policy of India:New Forest Policy, 1988Free Enterprise Economy or Laissez Faire systemGovernment Controlled EconomyNational Security Exception Act (NSEA)UN Millenium Development GoalsIndia ‘s FDI policyNational Biofuel Policy 2008Darfur Humanitarian Crisis:Scheduled Commercial Banks In India18th Safety OlympicsTreaty of LisbonRobert WebsterInvisible Hands Plantation Crops:A plantation is a large farm or ..


Banking & Finance Update

April 17, 2009: RBI Turns Net Foreign Exchange BuyerApril 18, 2009 : RBI widens scope of unsecured loansApril 20, 2009 : IFC-backed funds to pick up equity in Indian infra projects April 20, 2009 : Meltdown hits Rs 5,500cr solar power project in BengalApril 21, 2009 : Economy to grow at 5.7% in FY10, as ..




MICR: Magnetic Ink Character Recognition

MICR stands for Magnetic Ink Character Recognition, and is used to describe the special numbers and symbols you typically see at the bottom of checks, and the technology and processes to produce and analyze these characters. Short for Magnetic-Ink Character Recognition, MICR is a type of font capable of recognition using magnetically charged ink. Computers ..