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Joe Biden will run for President in 2020

The former Vice President of United States of America, Joe Biden has announced his joining the 2020 Democratic Presidential run by officially posting a video where he declared the above. The announcement has thus put to rest months of speculation over his candidature who is considered a stalwart of Democrats. Many opinion polls have already ..

US Homeland Security Chief Kirstjen Nielsen resigns

US Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen has announced her resignation in a move connected by observers to the president’s anger over Central American border crossers. She used to be the front-line defender of the administration’s controversial immigration policies. Her resignation has marked the end of a tortured relationship with Donald Trump, who reportedly blamed her for ..

Central America-US Security Cooperation Deal questioned by Activists

Many activists from Central America and Mexico have questioned the focus of their governments on security for addressing the issue of migration after meetings they held with Kirstjen Nielsen, the US Secretary of Homeland Security. It was on Tuesday, that Nielsen had met the Mexican officials and also took part in a Summit held at ..