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Bachelor of Rural Medicine and Surgery (BRMS)

To address the shortage of doctors in rural areas, the health ministry had come up last year with a new course called Bachelor of Rural Medicine and Surgery (BRMS). The idea was to offer a three-and-half-year course without specialization. It ..


Integrated Low Cost Sanitation (ILCS) Scheme

What this Scheme is About? The “Integrated Low Cost Sanitation” Scheme aims at conversion of individual dry latrine into pour flush latrine thereby liberating manual scavengers from the age old, obnoxious practice of manually carrying night soil. History: ILCS scheme ..



Valmiki Ambedkar Awas Yojana (VAMBAY)

The VAMBAY was launched in December 2001 to ameliorate the conditions of the urban slum dwellers living below the poverty line without adequate shelter. The scheme has the primary objective of facilitating the construction and up-gradation of dwelling units for ..