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WHO Health and Climate Change Survey Report on inadequacy of funding

A study based on the WHO data from 101 countries highlighted the inadequate action of countries to tackle the impact of climate change on the population’s health. The report says that the countries are increasingly prioritising health and climate in the national policies. Some of the trends highlighted in the study are: Half of the ..


Kerala becomes first Indian state to get fund through World Bank’s climate resilience program

Under climate resilience program, the World Bank has recently approved $250 million aid to Kerala for its Resilient Kerala Programme (RKP) to brace against natural disasters. Hence, Kerala has become the first Indian state to get this fund to enhance the state’s resilience against the impacts of natural disasters and climate change. The Resilient Kerala ..


Climate changes curses Children’s lives in Bangladesh

UNICEF has announced that environmental disasters referring to climate change have threatened the lives of around 19 million children in Bangladesh. Climate change has laid adverse effects and environmental threats faced by Bangladesh’s poorest communities families, leaving them unable to keep their children properly housed, fed, healthy and educated. Climate change has the potential to ..



The Asian Development Bank (ADB) to increase annual lending to India to a maximum of $4 billion for 2018-22

The Asian Development Bank (ADB) will increase its annual lending to India to a maximum of $4 billion between 2018 and 2022 to help fasten inclusive economic transformation towards upper middle income status. The ADB’s programme in India will focus on three main pillars of activity during the 5-year period: boost economic competitiveness to create ..