Clean Energy Cess

July 13, 2017

Clean Energy Cess is a sort of carbon expense and is exacted in India as an obligation of Excise under segment 83 (3) of the Finance Act, 2010 on Coal, Lignite and Peat with a specific end goal to back and advance clean condition activities, subsidizing research in the...

Clean Development Mechanism

July 13, 2017

Under the Article 12 of Kyoto protocol, a program called Clean Development Mechanism was begun which aims at reduction of the greenhouse gases and prevent the depletion of ozone layer. Under it developed as well as developing countries come together to implement emission reduction projects and policies which will...

"My Ganga, My Dolphin"

October 9, 2012

In a collaborative effort World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF)-India and the Uttar Pradesh forest department with the support of HSBC Bank will hold a 3-day programme "My Ganga, My Dolphin" to count the number of river dolphins in the Ganges River in and around Uttar Pradesh. The programme...

Typhoon Haikui hits East Coast of China

August 23, 2012

Typhoon Haikui hit the east coast of China. The other two typhoons which hit China were Damrey and Saola. A severe typhoon generally has continuous maximum wind speed of b/w 150 and 184 km/h (93 and 114 mph). A typhoon has maximum sustained winds of b/w 118 and 149...

State Bird of Delhi: ‘House Sparrow’

August 20, 2012

The House Sparrow has been endorsed as state bird of Delhi by the state government. State government is concerned about the conservation of the bird and announced the decision after initiating a campaign Rise for the Sparrows. The campaign is aimed at conserving the endangered species.

Parliamentary Panel suggests to ban GM food crops

August 12, 2012

A Parliamentary Panel asked the government to put a halt on all field trials and demanded bar on Genetically Modified (GM) food crops. The committee sought probe into how permission was given to commercialize Bt. Brinjal seed when all evaluation tests were not carried out. The Panel criticized the...

Paleo-river found near Narmada: Research

August 6, 2012

As per a group of researchers traces of Paleo- river has been found in Dhar district of Madhya Pradesh. What is a Paleo-river? It is an inactive river or water stream buried under sediment. As per Mangal Panchayatam Parishad, the group doing research, the 65 million year-old river got...

3% rise in Global Carbon Dioxide Emissions in 2011

July 23, 2012

As per the report “Trends in global CO2 emissions”, there is a 3% surge in the global carbon dioxide (CO2) emission in 2011. The 3 % increase took the total amount of CO2 in air at an all-time high of 34 billion tonnes. The report was published by the...

IUCN updates Red List of Threatened Species for 2012

June 23, 2012

International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) released its updated Red List of Threatened Species. According to the IUCN report: 63837 species assessed 19817 species threatened with extinction, including 41% of amphibians, 33 % of reef building corals, 25 % of mammals, 13 % of birds, and 30%of conifers...

Australia plans to create World’s largest network of protecting marine areas

June 16, 2012

Australia announced the creation of the world’s largest network of protecting marine areas. It will cover the 1.7 million sq km of Ocean around its coast. Planned network puts limits on oil and gas exploration of Western Australia and extends re-protection in the coral seas to the east. Oil,...