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Amazon India India’s most attractive employer brand, as per Randstad Employer Brand Research (REBR) 2019 report

According to the Randstad Employer Brand Research (REBR) 2019, E-commerce giant Amazon India is the most attractive employer brand in India followed by Microsoft India and Sony India. Others in the top 10 most-attractive employer brands in India for 2019 include Mercedes-Benz at 4th position, IBM (5th), Larsen & Toubro (6th), Nestle (7th), Infosys (8th), ..


UAE launches a programme “Lose to Win” to help overweight employers

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) government has launched a programme, titled “Lose to Win”, to help overweight employers to shed extra kilos and adopt a healthy lifestyle. The programme involves adopting a healthy diet and engaging in physical activity, helping employees lose excessive weight within 8 weeks. The programme team comprises nutritionists and health educators ..


Tax concessions to private employers of persons with disabilities: NAC

National Advisory Council, NAC has suggested providing tax benefits to private employers of persons with disabilities. Some of the key recommendations by the NAC are: Incorporating measures like extending subsidies and financial benefits for initiating small-scale income generation activities by household of persons with disabilities while drafting Rights of Persons with Disabilities Bill (RPDB) Law ..