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Nayib Bukele sworn-in as new president of El Salvador

Conservative businessman Nayib Bukele has been sworn-in as the new President of El Salvador. His presidency breaks three decades of bipartisanship between the conservative Nationalist Republican Alliance (ARENA) and the outgoing Farabundo Marti National Liberation Front (FMLN). Hence, Bukele is ..

Trump cuts assistance to Honduras, El Salvador and Gautemala

The so called northern triangle countries Honduras, El Salvador and Gautemala will no more receieve assistance from the United States. The President said as the countries have done nothing to the US, their funds are being cut. These countries also ..

Nayib Bukele wins 2019 El Salvador presidential election

The media-savvy former mayor of San Salvador, Nayib Bukele of the Grand Alliance for National Unity (GANA) has won a landslide victory in 2019 El Salvador presidential election by winning over 53% of the total vote. With this, he brought ..

El Salvador becomes world’s first country to ban metal mining

Central America’s smallest nation El Salvador became first country in the world to ban metal mining nationwide. In this regard, it has passed a law that bans all mining for gold and other metals. The law imposes broad prohibition on ..