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End of Obamacare?

Obamacare program that offers health insurance to the Americans was offered to be tossed down. The Trump administration told the federal court that the Affordable care act was uncertain. Around 17 Demovratic attorneys have filed documents to defend the health law. In the ruling last December, the US District Court judge Reed O Connor agreed ..

Trump backs off Olympics funding

The Education budget proposal calls to eliminate special Olmpics funding. President Trump has welcomed the proposal. In USA, the Congress is responsible for creating the annual budget. It is mainly includes health, milittary expenses, education. Apart from this the President budget is presented by the Congressional Budget Office in February every year. The budget also ..

Venezuela declares holiday : A new Black out

On Tuesday, the Venezuelan Government declared a holiday due to shotage of electric power. Carcas and other cities were without power that disturbed public transport, water supplies, etc. The holiday was declared following a threat to the electric power generations and electric grids. Similar black out was faced early this MArch, when the production in ..

Donald Trump chooses Rex Tillerson as Secretary of State

US President-elect Donald Trump has selected ExxonMobil CEO Rex Tillerson to be his Secretary of State. Rex Tillerson is expected to replace John Kerry as the Secretary of State once his appointment is confirmed by the United States Senate. Trump has praised Tillerson as a successful international dealmaker who possess extensive overseas business dealings. Tillerson ..

Links to Latest News Today News Today : Business Economy

Today we have updated the Business and Economy Section. Here are the links to these posts. *** November 2, 2009: BSNL’s Franchisee plan : 30000 broadband Kiosks in remote areas in two years.November 3, 2009: India Buys IMF GoldNovember 4, 2009: SEBI’s proposed Norms to minimise misuse of powers of attorneyNovember 4, 2009: Green Rating ..