Economic Survey 2016-17

Economic Survey 2016-17: Chapter-13: The ‘Other Indias’: Two Analytical Narratives (Redistributive and Natural Resources) on States’ Development

In this chapter, the survey has focussed on Models of development in India; Analysis of aid led development in world; India’s redistribution transfer of resources on state development; Natural resources curses and the way ahead. Peninsular Model of Development Peninsular India enjoyed an advantageous geography which enable them to  grow faster and advanced more rapidly […]


Economic Survey 2016-17: Chapter-06: Fiscal Rules: Lessons from the States

In chapter 6, the survey has focussed on the states and has analyzed the role played by Fiscal Responsibility Legislations (FRLs) towards their Fiscal discipline along with other factors  that contributed in containing fiscal deficit and lessons to be learnt for future fiscal rules. Fiscal Responsibility Legislations The FRBM Act, 2003 mandated the central government […]

Economic Survey 2016-17: Chapter -03: Demonetization: To Deify or Demonize?

In its third chapter, the survey tries to analyze {and to justify} the rationale behind governments move to demonetize, impacts of demonetisation, benefits of demonetisation and way forward. We note that there were two previous instances of demonetization, one was in 1946 and other was in 1978, but the demonetization of 1978 did not have […]

Economic Survey 2016-17: Chapter-1: Economic Outlook and Policy Challenges

This is a summary of the chapter 1 of the Economic Survey 2016-17. Key Economic Reforms in 2016 At domestic front, year 2016 was marked by two major policy developments viz. passage of GST bill and demonetisation.  The GST will create a common Indian market, improve tax compliance and governance. The government enacted demonetisation of […]