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Developing Country Tag at WTO

The World Trade Organization recently provided the “developing country” tag. This couldn’t be accepted by several countries. About the tag at WTO The organization has officially not created any definitions for “Developed” or “developing “countries. However, when a tag is provided other countries can challenge the offering. Though, WTO has not provided the definition, two ..




Vienna and Almatty Programmes of Action

Vienna Programme of Action and Almatty Programme of action (2003) are two important UN programmes on Land Locked Developing Countries. They try to persuade the surrounding countries to provide passage to their landlocked neighbours. There are 48 Landlocked countries right now. In October 2015, Nepal had taken the issue of blockade to UN and said that such blockade ..


Business & Industry Updates

1. May 1, 2009India’s foreign exchange reserves rose by $631 million for the week ended April 24 to $253.091 billion from $252.460 billion in the previous week.The reserves had dropped by $517 million for the week ended April 17 to $252.460 billion from $252.977 billion in the previous week. 2. May 1, 2009According to an ..