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KVIC revives Pokhran Potteries

On June 21, 2020, the Khadi and Village Industries Commission (KVIC) in order to revive the pottery industry in Pokhran distributed 80 electric potter wheels. Highlights The KVIC distributed blunger machines as well apart from potter wheels. The machines are used to mix clay. These machines are capable of producing 800 kg of clay in ..




Defence purchases from USA

India’s decision to buy American helicopters: MH-60 Romeo Seahawk, AH-64E Apache is being called the biggest takeaway from Trump’s visit to India. What can MH-60 Romeo Seahawk helicopter be used for? The MH-60 Romeo Seahawk helicopters are to be procured for the Indian Navy. It is used to track and hunt ships. It is an ..


Indian Army Major Anoop Mishra develops helmet that resists AK-47 bullet

Anoop Mishra, an Indian Army Major from the College of Military Engineering was known for having developed a bulletproof jacket which protects against sniper bullets. He was seen in news recently as he has now developed a helmet, which is also the world’s first, that can stop an AK-47 bullet round from 10 meters. Indian ..


Recent India defense acquisitions from Israel

India is one of the world’s strongest militaries in the world. However, it suffers from a lack of domestic sources of defense hardware production and consequently, has to rely on foreign buys to arm and armor its forces.? The biggest defense suppliers to India are the USA, Russia, and Isreal. The Isreali PM Benjamin Netanyahu ..