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What are Salvage Exercises (SALVEX) of Indian Navy?

The maiden IN-USN SALVEX was conducted in 2005 and the SALVEX series of exercises have been conducted annually thereafter alternately in India and US Pacific locations. Interestingly in the first SALVEX a vintage Sea Hawk fighter aircraft was recovered from a depth of about 50 metres off Kochi. IN Salvage teams have also recovered a ..


What was India’s external debt to GDP ratio at end-December 2010?

India’s external debt to GDP ratio and debt service ratios stood at 16.9 per cent and 3.9 per cent respectively, at end-December 2010.  The ratio of short-term external debt to foreign exchange reserves was 21.1 per cent at end-December 2010 as compared to 18.8 per cent at end-March  2010.


What are Rustam, Lakshya & Nishant?

Rustom-1 is the name of India’s a medium-altitude and long-endurance Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV), which is being developed by the Bangalore-based Aeronautical Development Establishment (ADE). It was successfully tested recently. Rustam-1 follows two other UAVs Lakshya and Nishant developed by the Aeronautical Development Establishment. Laksya is a drone can be remotely piloted by a ground ..


When was started the Command Area Development & Water Management Programme?

The programme was initiated in 1974-75 for stepping up pace of utilization of irrigation potential created and improve agriculture productivity and production on a sustainable basis. The programme was restructured and renamed as Command Area Development and Water Management (CADWM) Programme w.e.f. 1-4-2004. Now, the scheme is being implemented as a State Sector Scheme during ..


What is Consumer Purchasing Dynamics?

Consumer Purchasing Dynamics involves study of consumer purchasing decision made in the market and studied under consumer behavior of Management. In simple words it is used to set a brand strategy. It includes what are the categories and brands purchased by customers, what is purchase mix, what are brand alternatives and what is the stickiness ..


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