Quick Current Affairs 1

Quick Current Affairs 1Ashok Chavan is the new Chief Minister of Maharastra. Najam Sethi has been awarded the 2009 Golden Pen of Freedom. He is editor-in-chief of Daily Times , Friday Times and Urdu Aajkal. Chritiano Ronaldo is the winner of European Footballer of the Year. Anil Ambani has been voted as the happiest and


Japan: What are Tobashi schemes and what is Olympus scandal?

Tobashi is Japanese for “fly away”. It describes the practice where external investment firms typically sell or otherwise take loss-bearing investments off the books of one Client Company at their near-cost valuation to conceal investment losses from the clients’ financial statements. In that sense, the losses are made to disappear, or ‘fly away’. (Wikipedia). This

South Africa: What is the controversial “The Protection of Information Bill”?

Recently, the South Africa’s parliament has passed legislation aimed at better protecting state secrets. The measure has been widely criticised for provisions that could help the government hide corruption. The bill named “The Protection of Information Bill” is aimed at ensuring “a coherent approach to protection of state information and the classification and declassification of

Background: Why GMT may be a history?

Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) was established in 1675 when the Royal Observatory was built as an aid to (English) mariners to determine longitude at sea, providing a reference time at a point in history when each city in England kept a different local time. Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) is the time measured on the Earth’s

Censure Motion

A censure means an expression of strong disapproval or harsh criticism. It can be a stern rebuke by a legislature, generally opposition against the policies of Government or an individual minister. However, it can also be passed to criticise, condemn some act. A censure motion can be moved in lower house of the parliament or in


Dogri Language

Dogri language has evolved over many years and enriched our literature and poetry. Literary writing in Dogri has been impressive and by 1969 the Sahitya Akademi gave the language due recognition and since then a number of Dogri literature have received awards from the Akademi. In 2003, the Dogri language was included in the eighth


What are UNGA resolutions?

UNGA Resolution Against Iran Recently, the UN General Assembly has overwhelmingly approved a resolution condemning an alleged plot, blamed by the US on elements in Iranian establishment, to assassinate Saudi envoy to Washington and asked Tehran to cooperate in the probe, a voting from which India abstained. The 193-member Assembly adopted a Saudi-drafted resolution that

Cyrus Mistry

Cyrus Mistry : New chairman-designate of Tata Group Cyrus Pallonji Mistry is the new deputy chairman and chairman-designate of Tata Group and its holding company Tata Sons. This designation has made him first non-Indian national to head the Indian conglomerate. Mistry will work with the current chairman Ratan Tata for one year and begin serving


Hargobind Khorana

Nobel laureate Hargobind Khorana died in the US on November 9, 2011. He was fondly remembered by various academicians. Khorana, an alumnus of the Panjab University, did his BSc and MSc from this university in 1945 when it was situated in Lahore. He later went to England on fellowship for his PhD. He received Nobel

LCA Tejas

Induction of LCA Tejas delayed; to be operationised by 2014 Operationalisation of the indigenous Light Combat Aircraft (LAC) Tejas is likely to be delayed by 2014 because of the rains and some technical issues there has been delay in the project. About LCA Tejas The LCA was christened Tejas (Radiance) by Prime Minister AB Vajpayee