Coronavirus Pandemic: GK, General Studies and Current Affairs

IIT Delhi launches ‘‘Chakr DeCoV’’ to decontaminate N95 masks

In the series on Atmanirbhar Bharat IIT Delhi incubated startup Chakr Innovation has launched ‘Chakr DeCoV’ Key Facts It is a decontamination device that decontaminate N95 masks. Designed in the shape of a cabinet. Built with an innovative decontamination mechanism. The mechanism utilises the high penetrability of Ozone gas for cleaning the pores of the ..

How Sero-survey evaluates the trend of Covid-19?

Indian Council for Medical Research has recommended to carry out sero-surveys to detect the presence of coronavirus antibodies in the people. Such surveys conducted in big cities have proved to be beneficial to understand the activities and characteristics of the Covid-19 virus. Process Surveys have been conducted to find out the pandemic’s progress. Samples have ..

Around 24 million may drop out of school due to COVID-19: U.N.

According to the United Nations Policy Brief, it has been estimated that around 24 million children across the countries are not going to return to school next year due to the economic impact of the COVID 19 pandemic. This has been observed in the study involving the effect of the pandemic on education in the ..