What is the meaning of Cash & Carry Trade?

Cash & Carry Trade is a strategy of trade where the asset is held by the investor till the delivery date of the contract. Thus, it means that an investor buys an underlying asset of the futures contract i.e. holds a long position in the security and sells it simultaneously by holding a short position ..


Who is an Assignee?

An Assignee refers to any person, any firm, a trust or an entity who is the ultimate recipient of the rights, benefits and ownership of an insurance policy or a contract. The one who transfers the latter to the assignee is known as the assignor. Usually, the assignment contracts are made in writing but in ..

What is Assignor?

The Assignor is basically a person, a party or an entity that transfers the rights of a contract which they hold to another entity known as the assignee. The assignor thus transfers complete ownership rights and all the benefits pertaining to the contract to the assignee.