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Polity & Constitution: Compendium-2

What is a unitary constitution?What is a Federal Constitution ? What Kind of Constituion is of India? Which is the Lengthiest Constituion of the world? What are the Objectives Enshrined in Indian Constitution? When did the First meeting of constituion assembly take place? What is ” Socialist” in Preamble of Indian Constitution? What is ” ..


Polity & Constitution: Compendium-1

1. How a Chief Election Commissionar be Removed?2. Can Preamble of Indian Constitution be amended?3. What is the procedure of constitutional amendments?4. What are categories of Fundamental Rights?5. What is suspension of Fundamental Rights?6. What is a Writ and what are Types of writs?7. What is meaning of Judicial Review?8. What are Directive Principles of ..


General Compendium-2

1. What are State Finance Commissions?2. What are Functions of State Finance Commissions?3. Which sectors get Funds granted by State Finance Commission?4. In which state State Finance Commissions have been set up till now?5. What is Financial Emergency Under Article 360?6. What is Falcon?7. What is COBE? 1. What are State Finance Commissions?State Finance Commissions ..