Communal Violence Bill

Till 2002, the successive governments did not take any notable legislative actions but to check the sporadic events of communal violence, the UPA government had in 2005 brought forward the “Communal Violence (Prevention, Control and Rehabilitation of Victims) Bill, 2005”. This bill provided measures for Prevention and control of communal violence; Speedy investigation and trials […]


Short Term and Long Term Measures to Tackle Communalism

Communalism violates the human rights and it makes poor people even poorer. The poor are the worst hit as they lose their property, dear ones and livelihood. The violence accompanying communalism results in ghettoization and refugee problem of both inter country and intra country nature. Communalism threatens constitutional values which actively promotes secularism and religious […]

Communal Riots in India: Key Incidents and Trends

The dangerous outcome of the communalism is communal riots. Communal riots are nothing but clashes between two or more communities owing to clashes of communal interests. Paul R Brass in his book, “Riots and pogroms”, says that riots occur in the wake of a “psychological atmosphere”. In India, though the communal riots decreased after the […]

Causes for Growth of Communalism in India

The following are the factors responsible for the growth of communalism in India: Communal Appeal of Political Parties and Organizations At the time of elections, the political parties and organizations make an appeal to the people on communal lines to garner their support and keep their communal feelings alive. They find the appeal in terms […]

Communalism in India: Overview of Evolution

Not much communal feelings or events have been documented in ancient history of India. Though there were frequent fights between the sovereign kings and rulers, they accepted each others’ religion and culture. Further, since rise of Budhism and Jainism in ancient India was based on basic tenets of peace, kindness, non-violence there were no communal […]