M.M. Punchhi Commission Recommendations

In April 2007, a three member commission headed by the former chief justice of India M.M. Punchhi was set up by the UPA Government to take a fresh look at relative roles and responsibilities of various levels of government and their inter-relations. This commission had submitted its report in 2010 to then Home Minister P. […]

TSR Subramanian Committee Recommendations

In August 2014, the NDA Government  had set up a high-level committee to review the six environment laws in India and recommend specific amendments to bring them in line with current requirements. The committee was headed by the former cabinet secretary TSR Subramanian. The six laws under review were: Indian Forest Act 1927 Wild Life (Protection) Act […]

Railway Regulatory Authority of India

An independent Railway Regulatory Authority of India was recommended by the Bibek Debroy Committee for Mobilization of Resources for Major Railway Projects and Restructuring of Railway Ministry and Railway Board. This committee observed that in Indian Railways, the same organization deals with three prime functions viz. policy making, the regulatory function and operations. Making a […]

Anil Kakodkar Committee Recommendations

The report of the high-level safety review committee under the Chairmanship of former chairman of Atomic Energy Commission  Anil Kakodkar was submitted in February 2012. The Kakodkar Committee has made a slew of recommendations of which some of the key ones are: Stopping the practice of introduction of new trains without commensurate inputs to the […]

Various Committees for betterment of Indian Railways

For the betterment of Indian Railways, numerous committees and panels were created.  As early as in 1994, Prakash Tandon Committee, made comprehensive proposals for change. In 1997, a McKinsey report was prepared on behalf of the Asian Development Bank. Thereafter, there were two status reports, in 1998 and 2002 under Nitish Kumar; Rakesh Mohan Committee […]

Rakesh Mohan Commitee on Indian Railways 2002

More than a decade ago, the Rakesh Mohan Committee observed that Indian Railways over the past decade (1991-2002) has fallen into a vicious cycle of under investment, mis-allocation of scarce resources, increasing indebtedness, poor customer service and rapidly deteriorating economics. The root cause of the decade of decline is an unstable political system increasingly driven […]

National Commission on Farmers

In 2004, the UPA government had constituted a National Commission on Farmers under the chairmanship of Dr. MS Swaminathan. This commission included a wide variety of people into definition of farmer. Farmers included landless agricultural labourers, sharecroppers, tenants, small, marginal and sub-marginal cultivators, farmers with larger holdings, fishermen and women, dairy, sheep, poultry and other […]

Key Recommendations of Narayan Murthy Committee on Corporate Governance

The Committee on Corporate Governance, headed by Shri Narayanmurthy was constituted by SEBI, to evaluate the existing corporate governance practices and to improve these practices as the standards themselves were evolving with market dynamics. The committee’s recommendations are based on the relative importance, fairness, accountability, transparency, ease of implementation, verifiability and enforceability related to audit […]