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Government of India signs loan agreement with World Bank to revitalize natural resources in Meghalaya

On April 16, the Government of India (GoI) has signed a $48 million loan agreement with the World Bank to support selected communities in Meghalaya to manage their natural resources using a community-led landscape approach. The project is expected to benefit 1,00,000 people in rural Meghalaya besides building the capacity of some 30,000 youth through ..

Meghalaya: Seng Khasi Movement Day

Indigenous Khasi men and proclaiming the dignity and solemnity of the indigenous Khasi faith and culture, celebrated the annual “Seng Kut Snem festival” / Khasi Movement Day. In Meghalaya, every year, the “Seng Khasi Movement” day is observed which marks a movement (tribal uprising) that took place in 1899. However, this was not the first ..