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Indian Scientists develops New Biodegradable Polymer

A team of Indian scientists have developed a non-toxic, environmentally friendly, biodegradable polymer using guar gum and chitosan. Key Facts Guar gum and Chitosan are polysaccharides that are extracted from guar beans and shells of crab & shrimps. Fabricated guar gum-chitosan film with high water stability, high mechanical strength, and excellent resistance against harsh environmental ..




INMAS, Delhi develops ‘combat drugs’ to reduce casualties in Pulwama type attacks

To reduce casualties in Pulwama type attacks & warefare, the Institute of Nuclear Medicine and Allied Sciences (INMAS) has developed a range of ‘combat casualty drugs’ that can extend the golden hour till the trooper is shifted to hospital. INMAS is a medical laboratory of DRDO. The spectrum includes bleeding wound sealants, super absorptive dressings, ..


Indian researchers develops a new skin gel “poly-Oxime”

Indian researchers have developed a new skin gel “poly-Oxime” that inhibits the absorption of the most commonly used pesticides such as Organophosphorous compounds, that can cause serious ill effects on health and, in worst cases, result in the death of pesticide handlers such as farmers. The ‘poly-Oxime’ does not act like a physical barrier but ..