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Central Water Commission finds iron concentration in 22 spots in six states

A study by the Central Water Commission has observed that high concentration of iron content greater than 1.0 mg/l at 22 water quality stations has been found in six states. These states are Madhya Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir, Karnataka, Kerala, ..


The Arsenic Hit Ganga Belt

Over thousands of years, arsenic has been washing down from the Himalayas with the Ganga water as sediment. In the plains, this arsenic has been leaching into the ground. It remained within permissible limits and did no harm till around ..


Toxic Sindoor classified as Cosmetic

Vermilion or Cinnabar or China Red is Mercuric sulfide or HgS. Like most mercury compounds it is considered toxic. Vermilion is now produced by reacting mercury with molten sulfur. Recently, the Drug Technical Advisory Board has decided to regulate the ..


Laser Enrichment Process

What is Laser Enrichment Process? In one of our science modules we have studied about the Uranium Enrichment Process by Centrifuges. The fundamental principle behind the Uranium Enrichment by centrifuges is that U-235 weighs slightly less than U-238. This difference ..


Oxygen in Orion constellation

Recently, the European Space Agency’s Herschel telescope has found the first confirmed evidence of oxygen molecules in space. The Oxygen molecules have been found in the star forming region of the Orion constellation. Oxygen gas was discovered in the 1770s, ..


Quick Fact Sheet : Gold

1. Gold is a chemical element with the symbol Au (Latin: aurum) and atomic number 792. Gold has traditionally found use because of its good resistance to oxidative corrosion.3. It is attacked by aqua regia* (a mixture of acids), forming ..