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SpaceX launches Cargo Mission for NASA to ISS

SpaceX successfully launched a Dragon spacecraft on a cargo mission for NASA to International Space Station (ISS). About Mission This is SpaceX’s fifth launch of year. The launch was rescheduled earlier due to some electrical problem on ISS. It was launched on a ‘Falcon 9’ rocket, from Cape Canaveral in Florida. It is being used ..



Nepal carried out its first satellite “NepaliSat-1” into space

Nepal has launched its first satellite “NepaliSat-1” into space. The satellite was launched in the early morning (2:31 am) of Baishak 5, 2076 on 18th April, 2019. NepaliSat-1 satellite was launched by CygnusNG11 mission by NASA in Virginia, USA. This satellite will be carried to the International space station (ISS) as a cargo.