Blizzards: GK, General Studies and Current Affairs

Why did the US storm bring dirty snow?

The ‘bomb cyclone’ that severed disasters in Minnesota and other upper parts of Mid west dumped in lot of dirt. The freshly falling snow was decolourised. The snow was not the usual pure white. It ..

Remnants of Cyclone Trevor : 150 mm rains

After the gusty winds striking at 250 – 300 km per hour speed, it is now role of the after rains to hit the coastal areas. The forecasters warn that there could be 150 – ..

Cyclone Trevor hits Australia

Trevor is categorised as Category four cyclonic storm. The officials have declared the state of emergency. Flash floods are expected after the storm. Also, the storm is huge that it is expected to bring a ..

Missouri floods ”7000 evacuated

The water level of the Missouri level reached three storey building. The reason behind the flooding is the torrential rain caused by the ‘bomb’ cyclone last week and the rapid melting of snow. The flood ..