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Rice blast disease in Wayanad

A fungal infection affecting paddy called Rice blast, is affecting farmers who had grown “Manuvarna rice”. Highlights Manuvarna rice is a brand-new rice selection, that Kerala Agricultural College has launched across more than 250 acres in Wayanad district. This new brand rice was cultivated by president of Cheekkallur Padashekhara Samiti, Kesava Marar, on 70 acres ..




New Paddy Variety

The University of Agriculture and Horticulture in Shivamogga has developed a new paddy variety, Sahyadri Megha to tackle the decrease in paddy cultivation area. Sahyadri Megha The Sahyadri Megha is a variety of red rice developed by crossing Jyothi variety of paddy with Akkalu variety. The Akkalu paddy is noted for its disease resistance and ..